Why Sustainability sits at the heart of all we do in Distributed Energy

Nathan Sanders, Managing Director for SSE Distributed Energy, puts sustainability at the centre of the distributed energy journey.


SSE Group’s vision is to be a leading energy company in a low-carbon world. Its purpose is to provide the energy needed today whilst building a better world of energy for tomorrow. And its strategy is to create value for shareholders and society from developing, operating and owning energy and related infrastructure in a sustainable way.

A decade ago sustainability might have been seen by some as a, ‘nice to have’ but rightly these days it’s the lodestar for any company that cares about doing things the right way. And with that in mind it is vital the business I now lead, Distributed Energy, is fully playing its part in that sustainability journey.

So, I’m very proud to announce that we will be setting our own Sustainability Goals in Distributed Energy that will hold us to account and ensure we are supporting the Group’s ambitions to build a better world of energy. That’s because the markets where we operate such as EV infrastructure, local generation, heat networks and smart cities can, and already are delivering a more sustainable society for its citizens to benefit from.

But sustainability is about more than just the positive outputs that might accrue from interfacing with our markets. It’s also about the values we adhere to, the way we conduct ourselves as a business, and the environment we create for all our employees and our customers.

For our employees that means creating a workplace that is positive, progressive and respective of the diversity of all who come through its office doors – so people can be their ‘best selves.’ For our customers it means showing we conduct our business in the right way, i.e. playing fair on tax and paying a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work; through the Fair Tax Mark and real Living Wage respectively.

So, with all that in mind I hope you’ll be pleased to see our new Sustainability Goals for Distributed Energy and I really hope they give plenty of food for thought and help us be proud of what we do here.

Obviously, SSE Group has aligned its own business strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations which aim to: cut in half the carbon intensity of the electricity we generate, to develop and build enough renewable energy capacity to treble renewable output and help accommodate 10 million electric vehicles on Britain’s electricity networks.

And because SSE Group understands that enormous social value can be created – or destroyed – in the way that we deliver those goals, it has also committed for the long-term to the principles of Fair Tax and a real Living Wage. So Distributed Energy has set itself five sustainability goals for which we should all hold ourselves accountable – please let me know what you think…

5 DE Goals to support SSE’s 2030 Sustainability Goals

  1. Help get 10m EVs on GB roads by 2030 by providing the infrastructure needed for fleet, taxis and buses by working with partners and local authorities across UK & Ireland
  2. Help make smart cities and places a reality across the UK & Ireland by 2030
  3. Help the UK Government meets its objectives to decarbonise heat and power, and improve air quality, by building new heat networks sites and renewable power
  4. Help communities access cleaner, lower cost energy and smart services by investing in local energy schemes to help boost local economies and jobs
  5. Help promote diversity across the workplace as well as help champion the real Living Wage to all employees and our supply chain

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