Sustainable and Reliable

For both private and public sector developers, low-carbon heating and cooling networks can provide a sustainable and reliable solution for delivering a comfortable climate to residential and commercial occupiers.

SSE Enterprise Utilities have been delivering heat network solutions to the UK market for over a decade. We offer capability to build, own, operate and maintain to suit the needs of developers for each individual scheme.

Expertise and Investment

As well as bringing engineering expertise and significant investment of our own, we can also offer a variety of innovative contractual structures to best suit the development, management and ongoing operation of the scheme.

We currently manage 14 Heat Networks across the country, providing customer service for over 8,000 residential and commercial end users.


We are seeking to co-invest in heat networks with public sector organisations, such as local authorities, hospitals and
This means forming long term partnerships to develop, design, build, operate and look after customers. Partnerships bring the stability that reduces risk and provides the desired control to bring about lasting customer benefits.

Read our prospectus on partnership solutions with public sector organisations here

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