Covering all bases

For organisations developing large mixed-use infrastructure projects, whether Clients, Developers, Landowners, Main Contractors or Consultants, the challenges presented by the utilities infrastructure are often very similar.  Utilities are an essential part of the wider project, and their delivery needs to be carefully integrated into the overall strategy and plan to ensure smooth execution of all impacted elements.

Choosing the right delivery partner will be crucial to the project’s overall success, and can help to exploit opportunities to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, resilience and future potential of the development’s energy infrastructure.

Experience & Innovation

SSE Enterprise Utilities has significant experience in delivering multi-utility networks across some of the UK’s largest commercial infrastructure projects, as well as ability to bring significant investment in energy assets and innovative contractual vehicles to support delivery and ongoing asset operation.

We also have access to a wider range of energy management and contracting expertise across the SSE Group of companies, and can offer beneficial packages enabled by our within-group capabilities.

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