Room to grow

The EV market is growing quickly, faster than the transport market it inhabits, and in consequence the development of the supporting infrastructure can be fragmented and overcomplicated. Frequently, multiple stakeholders add layers of complexity, time and risk to development projects which require cool heads and experience to maximise the opportunity.

SSE Enterprise Utilities has a significant track record in delivering charging infrastructure within the UK, and can provide solutions for many of the main problems encountered throughout the lifetime of a project.

Grid Constraints

EV power requirements, especially in urban areas, can face huge pressure on the ‘grid’ to ensure demand can be met. We have demonstrated our ability in managing such constraints at our bus charging facility at Waterloo Station, which allows Go-Ahead to charge its fleet overnight without disrupting bus services and when power demand is low.

Funding and Investment

As well as assisting with grant-enabled and commercial investment options available in the market, we are keen to invest in our own projects and can offer innovative partnerships and joint ventures to support their construction and ongoing operation.


We hold experience in delivering EV projects within the private, fleet and public transport sectors, including in partnership with Bluepoint London, and have developed capability in managing the local and national planning requirements necessary for successful delivery.

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