Distributed Energy and the low carbon world 

We live in a world where energy is changing fast.  Centralised management of our energy infrastructure is no longer suitable for the way we approach our energy responsibilities. 

Our vision at SSE is to help the UK towards achieving net zero carbon by 2050, changing from single energy assets to Whole System Thinking.  And this is where Distributed Energy becomes key to delivering a low carbon world. 


Why Whole System Thinking? 

SSE’s Distributed Energy business aims to deliver solutions that bring together the diverse needs of all the stakeholder into a single unified outcome that maximises both short and longterm benefits.   

Decarbonisation – Stripping carbon out of the energy chain to deliver maximum impact comes under the direct control of the local generation asset owners, giving greater ability to dictate the pace of the sustainability agenda 

Decentralisation – Bringing energy generation and management closer to the point of use reduces dependence on national infrastructureand puts energy resilience into the direct control of the energy user groups 

Digitalisation – Utilising digital technology to leverage information across all elements of the local energy infrastructure can help to achieve maximum effectiveness of energy use across multiple connected assets. 

Democratisation – Bringing local energy ownership and participation to achieve a truly united energy transition.  The Consumer is no longer just the recipient of energy but is enabled to feed electricity into the grid. 


“£6bn SSE Group capital and investment expenditure across five years to March 2023 – focused on new and upgraded energy and related infrastructure in the UK and Ireland”


Smart Cities, Smart Places, Smart Buildings 

Adopting Distributed Energy solutions means you are taking control of your energy infrastructure and maximising its operation for your organisation’s benefit. 

It enables unifying your management of energy, transport, heating and lighting.  It supports you in building energy systems to achieve flexible, integrated, connected and smart-enabled communities.   


Engaging our people, our environment and our businesses

At SSE, we have a proud history of building, owning, operating and maintaining energy assets.  And now we are trusted as a market leader in developing integrated Distributed Energy infrastructure, for clients throughout the UK and Ireland. 

We want to work with you, to help build a better world of energy together.  Because together we can achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. 

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