For developers, clients and their consultants seeking to deliver significant mixed-use, commercial and industrial construction projects, effective delivery of the utility infrastructure requirements is a vital element of the build programme, with significant dependencies from the earliest parts of the project.

Delivery of a unified utility network across large-scale and multi-stage developments requires sensitive planning from the outset, with a design and delivery strategy aligned to overall project aims and flexible to cater for changing requirements.

SSE Enterprise Utilities has the track record and capability to deliver all the utility elements of a multi-utility project, from the initial strategy and design through to the ongoing operation and management of the installed infrastructure and assets over their lifetime.

We bring expertise in design and engineering, innovation in contractual and investment structures, and long-term commitment to the operation of installed infrastructure. As a FTSE50 company we have pride in our financial stability and seek to bring our own investment to projects in which we are involved.

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