Our Smart Cities and Places Approach

The smart city dream is fast becoming a reality. In the midst of 5G rollout and M2M communication, we are placing a demand on efficiency, technology and connectivity greater than ever before.

At SSE Enterprise, we believe smart technologies should be made available to all, not just to those in cities. Our Smart City Platform combines resources to help you to tackle challenges such as reducing air pollution levels, optimising street lighting regimes, making work spaces more comfortable, and ultimately improving quality of life for all residents. Combined with our proven solutions in infrastructure, energy, transport and buildings, we are ready to transform your community into a Smart Environment.


Delivering a Smart Environment

  • Exploiting Existing Infrastructure – Utilising NEMA sockets in street lighting to provide Zigbee and LoRa connectivity that spans across cities and places at minimal cost
  • Early Benefit Delivery – Providing smart street lighting as a base service to subsidise the rollout of wider smart city communications network
  • Stacked Business Case – Reduced fibre rollout cost using street light connected microwave to extend into areas uneconomic for trenching
  • Smart Application Plug and Play – Providing a Smart City App Hub to allow third party apps to readily connect into a common smart environment
  • Supporting the SME Tech Sector – Streaming data from connected sensors and devices to facilitated third party app development
  • Extensive dashboarding and reporting – Across sensor data, device data and third-party data sets

Supporting Services

  • Smart Street Lighting

    With almost half a million assets installed across the UK and Ireland, Mayflower Smart Control is a leading central management system (CMS) that provides intelligent street lighting solutions to both local authorities and private clients. Our Mayflower CMS can deliver energy savings of over 50%, whilst integrating a range of Smart City applications using the Zigbee communication protocol.

  • Smart Solutions and Services

    Air quality monitoring
    Noise sensors
    Gully monitoring
    Weather stations
    Smart Parking

  • EV charging

    Our EV solutions span the entire delivery and project management lifecycle – from understanding the path to EV and how to invest, to running EV infrastructure as a managed service. We can also draw on the wider strength of the SSE Group to provide our own green energy tariffs.

  • Smart Buildings

    Despite the majority of smart IoT devices being designed for external use, there are also numerous applications which can improve the internal operational efficiency of buildings through energy efficiency measures, remote monitoring and fault resolution, reducing financial costs, improving user experience and performing data analysis to enhance business intelligence.

  • Smart Home

    Working with partners we aim to connect to assets in the home using our smart lighting communications network. This can enable solutions such as home condition monitoring, assisted living and home energy management solutions without the need for costly broadband and 4G connection, whilst providing residents with a better quality of life.

  • Smart Energy Management

    Energy costs continue to rise as does energy price and regulatory uncertainty. SSE offers a range of services to address this issues including local energy systems combining infrastructure, distributed energy assets and control solutions that maximise local renewable use, reduce costs, create new revenue streams and maximise security of supply.

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