Our Zero Carbon Approach

The pursuit of zero carbon is gathering pace. More than 50% of local authorities have now declared carbon emergencies to galvanise support for the transition, with other bodies such as universities starting to follow suit.

In many places the key challenge is two fold:

  • The energy networks are either generation or capacity constrained, meaning EV chargers, heat pumps and renewables cannot connect
  • Heat networks are slow to develop and many buildings struggle to connect, as a result of cost and technical viability issues

SSE’s solution to the above is to work in partnership to provide:

  • Private and iDNO networks that seamlessly co-exist with the DNO network to remove network constraints and maximise renewable and low carbon asset connectivity
  • Heating solutions that combine heat networks and localised heat pumps to maximise building connectivity
  • EV charging infrastructure that include public charging, private fleet charging and charging hubs (EV service stations)
  • Tools to manage all connected energy assets as part of an integrated energy system that minimises carbon and costs and maximises revenue generation potential

Supporting Services

  • Energy Networks

    SSE has extensive experience of funding and deploying energy networks whether these be power, gas or heat. As we support smart cities and places in their journey to zero carbon and ultra fast connectivity rollout we are now working with clients to reduce infrastructure costs by co-ordinating trenching and rollout across fibre, heat, EV, gas and power.

  • Energy Generation

    SSE has extensive experience in the deployment of energy assets ranging from offshore wind to small onshore temporary power solutions and are able to tailor solutions specific to a business’ energy needs. Whether it’s reducing cost and carbon, creating new revenue streams, reducing capex costs, increasing network resilience; or mitigating risks, we’ve got what it takes to future-proof your business.

  • Energy Storage

    At SSE Enterprise, we help businesses build the business case for energy storage and devise the ideal solutions to suit their unique needs. Through the use of battery storage, compressed air storage, and more, we’re helping customers to reduce exposure to energy costs, avoid peak time energy charges, improve network resilience; and earn revenue through energy asset flexibility

  • Energy Control

    Utilising our Energy as a Service platform which combines smart grid and virtual power plant capability, we are able to ensure security of supply whilst generating revenues from flexibility in energy generation, storage and load resources.

  • Energy as a service

    The degree of insight and control into energy asset performance through our Energy as a Service platform enables us to deliver cost effective energy service solutions under which we adopt our customers’ energy assets, either outright or in partnership, and provide a risk free energy service.

  • EV Charging

    Our EV solutions span the entire delivery and project management lifecycle – from understanding the path to EV and how to invest, to running EV infrastructure as a managed service. We can also draw on the wider strength of the SSE Group to provide our own green energy tariffs.

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