Our Smart Buildings Approach

The world of energy is changing fast, with smart technologies transforming the way we live and work, giving businesses the opportunity to improve their efficiency and employee well-being.

SSE is a key player in the UK’s smart energy management sector. Our extensive resources and national coverage make us ideally positioned to take on even the largest Smart Buildings projects. Our team can work with you through the design and construction phases of new buildings or major refurbishments, or we can retro-fit new management systems to existing buildings. SSE Enterprise can fully optimise your building through controlling and monitoring all essential functions, or we can expand through installing energy generation, storage, and EV chargers.

User case:

As buildings become smarter, our demand on electricity grows (through EVs), and our carbon reduction targets grow, our focus will expand. Each site will need to consider the following:

  • Type of generation that can be installed
  • Size of storage that should be used
  • How EV chargers should be deployed
  • How this can all be optimised, with the building systems

Supporting Services

  • Cognitive Analytics

    The starting point of a SMART building includes Data gathering to enable the connection of typically disparate services into one platform. Connecting HVAC, lighting, security, lifts and occupancy enables insights through machine learning to deliver energy and carbon savings and increased well being and productivity.

  • Building Energy Management System

    A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can help you to achieve significant reductions in costs by optimising the building’s plant and equipment and how it all works together. At the same time you’ll gain from improvements to staff comfort and working conditions.

  • Remote Optimal

    Remote Optimal is our energy optimisation platform which is custom-designed to ensure that every piece of your building equipment runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our smart Software as a Service platform provides you with a powerful way to make environments as efficient and comfortable as they can possibly be.

  • Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

    We create bespoke contracts that tackle buildings’ energy efficiency challenges, using smart technologies to give guaranteed energy savings. Most importantly, we do this without the need for an upfront capital investment. Encompassing a diverse range of solutions for building fabric, combined heat and power, LED lighting and water saving technologies.

  • Energy as a Service

    Our Energy-as-a-Service platform uses market-leading energy control technology to help optimise your energy generation and/or use. It can help to increase stability of energy and increase revenue through our automated platform and experienced energy trading desk.

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