Water infrastructure

We are a licensed water undertaker, which as at December providing water and sewerage services to over 18,500 properties. By steadily growing our water business since 2007, we are the market leader for independent provision of water services and are the largest independent water company outside of the incumbent network.

Inset appointments are allowed:

  • when sites are not currently served by an existing appointed water company, or
  • where the current appointed water company agrees to the application, or
  • when each of the premises in the inset area uses at least 50 million litres of water per year.

Design and delivery

We were the first to offer both water and sewerage services since privatisation in England and Wales in 1989. We install all on site clean water pipe work and we adopt all foul and surface water infrastructure. Our regulated tariffs ensure value for money for both clean water and sanitation services. We provide a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the design and delivery of all assets to your site.


We will assist with design, construction, operation, maintenance and investment of your water network (subject to terms and conditions). We provide flexible capital investment towards developer’s costs, not only lowering development costs, but also providing long term commitment.

Customer service

We employ our own meter readers taking readings every 6 months, providing reassurance that accurate bills will be received. Statements are supplied twice a year with a range of payment options. Our customer service team can be contacted by e-mail at water@sse.com or by calling 0345 078 3200.  Lines open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm Saturday. Calls may be recorded and monitored to help improve our customer service. For more information regarding your water supply please click here.

Our expertise

SSE Water was granted its first inset appointment in October 2007 and currently has over 30 Water inset licences.

Legal and Regulatory Documents

On this page you will also find our legal and regulatory documents for your perusal in PDF format. Feel free to preview or download at your convenience.

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