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  • Multi-Utility Networks

    From initial strategy and design through to ongoing operation and management, we have the track record and capability to deliver all the utility elements of a multi-utility project.

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  • Gas Networks

    We operate one of the UK’s largest licensed independent gas transportation networks (on behalf of Indigo Pipelines Limited) with over 180,000 connected supply points.

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  • Electricity Networks

    We can adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

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  • Heat and Cooling Networks

    We design, build, operate, and maintain heating and cooling networks for business customers across the UK, delivering end-to-end customer service.

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  • Bus2Grid

    A first of its kind multi-megawatt demonstration of the technical and commercial potential of e-buses to support the electricity system via active bi-directional charging.

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  • Electric Vehicles

    SSE Enterprise Utilities is leading the way when it comes to the electrification of public transport and private commercial fleets – powering a green future.

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  • Energy Storage

    We’re here to help businesses realise their energy storage opportunities, reducing their energy costs and uncovering new revenue streams.

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  • Water Networks

    We provide water and sewerage services to large scale household developments and business customers throughout the UK as part of an Inset Agreement.

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